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Edmund Hillary Makalu Expedition Collection (1961) (26 vintage prints)

Edmund Hillary Makalu Expedition Collection (1961) (26 vintage prints)

A amazing collection of photographs chronicling Sir Edmund Hillary's expedition to Makalu in 1961. This collection offers insight into Hillary's crew, both fellow explorers and steadfast guides, as well as showcases the beauty of the terrain the crew traversed through.

Notable photos include Sherpas carrying the disassembled "Silver Hut," as well as carrying Peter Mulgrew after he suffered a pulmonary embolism at 27,450 ft.

The expedition was pitched as a joint venture to prove or disprove the existence of a yeti and acclimate climbers at 20,000 feet to prepare them for a subsequent summit of Everest without oxygen. The expedition was, in a way, success on both counts.

Hillary brought back several yeti scalps from remote temples, but all were examined and shown to be parts of known animals. Hillary said after the expedition: "The yeti is not a strange, superhuman creature as has been imagined. We have found rational explanations for most yeti phenomena."

Additionally, thanks to the practice and data gathered during this expedition, Griffith Pugh would later summit Everest with no oxygen.

Prints are on 8x10 paper. Most are in excellent condition, though some bear surface scarring.

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