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Howard Hughes on Senate Witness Stand (1947)

Howard Hughes on Senate Witness Stand (1947)

A vintage print of Howard Hughes as he testifies before the Senate regarding the parties he threw for US Airmen.

This print was selected from our archive in minor part because it is a good depiction of the famous American figure who is known for his influence in film, business, aerospace, and many other fields.

Largely though, it was selected as Hughes' influence is exhibited in the myriad of editorial markings apparent on the photo. From the bold "FLOP!!" in bright red on the front of the image, to a rainbow of editorial marks on the verso, to stamps ranging from 1947 - 1970. Our archivists love this editorial evidence of Hughes continuous presence in the news.

While the main body of the print is in good condition, you can see other wear in the scans. Additionally, this image was used so much the Chicago Sun Times felt the need to laminate it.

approx. 6.5" x 9.5"

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