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New York Aerial Photographs (1930s) (6 vintage prints)

New York Aerial Photographs (1930s) (6 vintage prints)

A collection of 6 Hamilton Maxwell serial photographs of New York. They are a crystal clear depiction of the architecture of the city in the early century. The prints are undated, though Hamilton Maxwell specialize din aerial photography in the 1920's and 30's.

Printed on 8x10" paper, please see detailed condition report below.

4084 (Madison near Vanderbilt Hotel): Print is in excellent condition, though somewhat faded, when viewed straight on, with virtually no edge wear. When viewed under harsh light, the imprint of a 1" paper clip is visible in the lower left.

4420: Print is faded and has a large torn section about 4x2" at the top, though this has been taped. Small <1" corner bend in top left.

4424 (Park, 4th, Lexington, 3rd and 2nd Aves between 23rd and 34th): Faded and with 1" tear in top left corner.

4425 (Penn: District): Faded and with 1" tear in top right corner, and small circular defect in top right quadrant.

4427 (Wanamaker's in Centre): Faded but otherwise in excellent condition.

4430 (Madison Sq.): Faded with multiple corner tears/bends. Roughly 1sq" surface defect in top left.

4440: Excellent condition and still retaining much of it's contrast. This is a beautiful shot.

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