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Browning Aircraft Gun Manufacturing Collection (1941) (3 vintage prints)

Browning Aircraft Gun Manufacturing Collection (1941) (3 vintage prints)

This collection contains three images of various points in the manufacturing process of Browning guns, to be mounted on RAAF planes at the beginning of WWII. Copy on the back notes how in five months, a vacant lot turned into a factory belting out these guns which were ordered by the British Technical Commission.

The composure, exposure, and print quality of the two closeups are beautiful pieces of art in their own right. The wide shot of workers posing with their product is still a great time capsule into an oft-forgotten aspect of WWII, though not quite the technical achievement of the first two.

Prints are on 8x10" paper, and are largely in excellent condition. Minor edge wear and some crazing appear only under harsh lighting. One closeup bears orange editorial marking, visible in scans.

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