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Eleanor Roosevelt Collection (36 prints + typed accounts)

Eleanor Roosevelt Collection (36 prints + typed accounts)

A fantastic collection of vintage prints depicting Eleanor Roosevelt from the 1930's/40's, with some photos of her when FDR was was president. This collection highlights Mrs. Roosevelt performing many of the activities that made her such a beloved first lady including visiting wounded troops, interacting with Girl Scouts, talking to mine workers, speaking at political events, and others. Also includes a 1936 reprint of a photo taken of her when she was only six years old and several typed accounts of her activities from the period.

Features the first lady with other individuals such as her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, E. A. Watkins, Sarah Donaldson, Marian Fadely, Virginna Steele, Betty Rosser, Eugene L. Harrison, Curtis B. Dall, FDR Jr., James Roosevelt, John B. Reybold, Walter Vincent, 

Other subjects of prints include Norris TN, TVA, Todhunter College, and her home in Hyde Park where she lived the last 17 years of her life.

Prints are in good to excellent condition, and range in size from 5x7 to 8x10".

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