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Faces of the US Military (1940's) (22 vintage prints)

Faces of the US Military (1940's) (22 vintage prints)

An up close and personal look at members of the US Armed Forces. Professionally captured and printed, these are crisp shots that exude the personality of their subjects. An exceptional snapshot of the country's history. The bulk of the prints are from 1943-1945, though several are dated later. Feature members of the Marines and Coast Guard.

Individuals include: James T. Swinger, LaVois Webb, Bernhard Sanders, Edwin J. Hernan, Monroe L. Bracey, William B. Reardon, John S. Bathurst, Howard R. Larson, Arthur S. Somers, Joseph P. Collins, Norman J. Yankovich, Mortin A. Slavin, Charles L. Powell, Stanley R. Bailey, Harry J. Blackwater, Edley Gordon Scott, Leland V. Moran, and Vincent Farrell.

On 8x10" paper and largely in excellent condition, with minor edge/corner wear.

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