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Slaughterhouse-Five Collection (1972) (14 vintage images)

Slaughterhouse-Five Collection (1972) (14 vintage images)

An interesting collection of 14 images related to the release of the 1972 movie adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's beloved bestseller Slaughterhouse-Five. The heart of the collection are three transparencies. One (4.5x6") shows the a copy of the novel, and two (5x3.27") depict fantastic scene's in which the movie's main character, Billy Pilgrim, is confined in an interstellar geodesic dome. The fact that these are depicted on transparencies add to the surrealism of the subject.

The transparencies are accompanied by contact sheets and full size prints of stills from the film (including a color print of the geodesic dome), as well as an 8x10" print of an advertisement for the film.

Together, the paint a holistic picture of a novel from the American canon, as well as a Cannes Film Festival award winning film. 

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