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Vintage Cowboy Collection (1919 - 1948) (14 prints)

Vintage Cowboy Collection (1919 - 1948) (14 prints)

This collection was curated thanks to it's in depth look at an iconic symbol of America: the cowboy. Including ranch hands and rodeo athletes, this is a very nostalgic collection.

Includes images of Doodlebug Burrell, MacFarlane Brothers, Bob Crosby, Norman Cowan, the Roosevelt Trophy, Vernon Ellingson, Macqueline Moore, Harold de Garro, James C. Dahlman, Hugh Stevenson, Tombstone AZ, Ed Shieffelin, Lowell P. Ridings, Marques de Guadalupe, and Rollo.

Credited photographers include Leo D. Harris, Dewell, and E. F. S.

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