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Large Objects Collection (1932 - 1959) (21 vintage prints)

Large Objects Collection (1932 - 1959) (21 vintage prints)

This comical collection was curated to display oversized objects and various people interacting with them. The absurdity of it all ought to put a smile on anyone's face!

Prints vary in size (most around 8x10") and condition (though mostly only worn on edges).

Includes images of Donna Langes, Rocking Chair, Tell City Chair Co., Susan Beaumont, Purse, Nathan S. Gumenick, Shovel, Southgate Towers, Ralph Bryant, Boots, Potlatch, Micheline Cachet, Slipper, Edna G. Glenn, Nellie Blosser, Pants, Fran Miller, Bowling Time, Pants, Mayor W.D. Robbins, Elwood A. Hughes, Catherine Caldren, Typewriter, Letter, Jean Pierre Toury, Maureen McDonauth, Beverly Rafaelson, Mercedes Heal, Telephone, Ann Tupper, and Frank Tupper.

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